Fulfilment Service

Our polywrapping system can handle all types and sizes of mailing project.

We can collate and insert, or onsert, multiple items into your polywrapped packs. We can pack into clear polywrap or can organise production of printed polythene (one tonne is the minimum for printed poly). Typical inserts suitable for polywrapping include brochures, newsletters, magazines, booklets, leaflets and price lists.

The standard poly we use is called Polylite – a recyclable lightweight poly which is very strong. The manufacturing process for this poly leaves a smaller carbon footprint than degradable polys. You can pop it into low grade plastic recycling tubs found in most of the main supermarkets. Its lightweight texture enables it to degrade quicker than normal plastics even if it isn’t recycled.

Alternatively, we can offer a new poly called Polyair which is a bio-based material made from sugar cane (25% is recycled plastic). The process of photosynthesis as the plant grows, makes the poly carbon positive. The sugar cane actively captures C02, whilst at the same time releasing oxygen – making this material pro-actively green. This poly is also recyclable. Minimum order quantities apply.

Finally, we can offer Polycomp, which is a compostable poly. This is made from potato starch and contains no plastic. This material is compostable not recyclable, but in ideal circumstances it will turn into compost within a few months. Minimum order quantities apply + the shelf life of this material is a maximum of 12 months.